New Different Better and Change

To get something new, different, or better — one must change.
To stay the same and be wowed by everything changing around us, that is not wise.
To stay the same and to be unwise, that alienates.
To alienate, that yields corresponding results.

How are you going to make change happen and learn to enjoy it, relish it and want more of it?

I’m going to dress nicer for work, show up at the office earlier, do my best work and lead by example.  It is time to step it up.

What are you good at remembering?


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What I Wish I Had More Time For


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What are you indecisive about?

I don't know. I'll have to think about that.

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My Favorite Way to Start the Day

Sun. Coffee. Mountains. Reading.

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Screw Political Ads

Let’s just say that I’m not very happy about receiving a political ad as a text message this morning, and from nobody that I know, waking me up after a really rough night of not very much sleep.  I don’t find value in it.  Even if I agree, I’m turned off by that form of intrusive advertising.

On a much brighter note, the Egg Nog Latte at the neighborhood coffee shoppe is quite delicious!  Also, the music is splendid and uplifting.  Just think, I could have slept right through this great morning.  Thank you, stupid political ad.


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